Why Body Wraps for Weight Loss Work?

Weight loss body wraps are being used these days as an all-natural alternative to plastic surgery. While they do not give overnight results, they are meant to nurture the skin and whole body for the long run. When treatment is done regularly, it can be used as an added help and advantage alongside a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Weight loss wraps are widely known as a naturally slimming and contouring treatment, without the risks involved in invasive surgeries.

The body retains its healthy and youthful condition as the wrap flushes out impurities and extra water weight…

Weight Loss Body Wraps Options

There’s quite a wide range of options when it comes to weight loss body wraps. These wraps may use lipase, collagen, Aloe Vera, seaweed and other clays and minerals to assist in weight loss and body contouring. But regardless of what ingredients are used, weight loss wraps often involve wrapping the entire body.

There are a few exceptions like the steam canopy, no wrap wraps and infrared heat body wraps. Then again some spas do offer targeted wraps, where only problem areas are treated, which may be just the arms, belly or thighs. Take note that the prices are not that different between targeted and whole-body wraps, so you might as well take advantage of the latter.

Body Wraps Main Function

The main function of the weight loss body wrap is to get rid of toxins. Toxins are highly associated to weight gain and therefore should be expelled once in a while, and body wraps are perfect solutions to this.

What a weight loss body wrap essential does is help the lymphatic system get rid of toxins that have been stored or trapped in the body…

Basically, these toxins get in your body through pollutants, your surroundings and certain foods which you sometimes just cannot avoid completely. The wrap stimulates the lymphatic drainage by making you sweat and absorb natural ingredients that can draw out liquids and impurities from the pores of the skin (resource: https://itwraps.com/). As a result, both impurities and fatty acids are released from the cells and into the capillaries. Eventually, they will be flushed out by your body’s natural waste-eliminating process.

Body Wraps Treatment

First, wraps or bandages are submerged in your choice of natural solution. Popular solutions include herbal combinations, mineral combinations, sea clay, Aloe Vera and seaweed. Once you are covered in the solution, your pores will start to enlarge due to the warmth and steaming effect of the wrap. That is when the detoxification process initiates. All of the ingredients that you choose will be the components that will draw in all of the toxins found in your body.

As treatment progresses, the cloth wrap or sheet itself comes into play. The spaces found between cells are compressed tightly so as to give you a more toned, youthful and smoother appearance. It is said that if you can preserve the compressed shape with regular application of weight loss body wraps, then your cells will eventually adapt to the new shape. Thus, best results can be accomplished with many applications over a 1 month time frame.

Facts: Why Seaweed Body Wraps for Weight Loss Work?

  • 1. Seaweed’s electrical charge acts as a magnet to pull fat from cells.
    “Seaweed’s high concentration of minerals gives it a strong ionic charge that draws trapped fat and fluid out of congested cells… This instantly makes the skin smoother and tighter,” explains Linda Page, N.D., Ph.D., author of Linda Page’s Healthy Healing.
  • 2. Body Wraps Compression helps pump waste out of the body
    Once fat is pulled from cells, it waits to be shuttled out of the body by the lymph system. But unlike the circulatory system, the lymph system doesn’t have a pump (like the heart) to keep fluids moving. It requires an external jump start. “Exercise activates lymph flow, but it takes a long time to see the benefits. Gentle pressure does the job quickly. In addition to squeezing fat out of cells, compression kick-starts lymph flow,” says Page. I believe the body wraps act as a compression.
  • 3. Heat speeds fat flushing with body wraps detox.
    When lymph flow is activated, fat is carried to the liver for disposal. But heat speeds the process. “Heat opens pores…. And since 70% of lymph channels lie just below the skin’s surface, this allows waste to bypass the liver and be released through perspiration instead,” says Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., author of The Fast Track Detox Diet.
  • 4. Seaweed’s Body Wraps — Open pores and empty cells allow an inrush of nutrients.
    With fat cells depleted and the skin’s pores opened, the body is receptive to seaweed’s healing nutrients. Seaweeds rich supply of iodine regulates thyroid function and boosts the body’s stores of fat-burning lipase enzymes. And its magnesium and omega-3 fats help fight the inflammation that causes joint pain. Seaweed doesn’t just numb the pain…It actually removes the cause of the pain.

The body wraps help your body to get rid of toxins which will help you lose weight…

These body wraps quickly help you lose inches (they compress your fat cells) and improve your overall skin condition. This effect has been noted by thousands of body wrap users all over the internet.

If you like to add the body wraps for your weight loss program you need to talk to your doctor. People who have seafoods or any other kind of allergy should not use body wraps.


What Are Blood Pressure Cuffs and How Do They Work?

A blood pressure cuff or BP cuff is one of the many popular devices in the medical world. This device is used to measure the force of blood in the veins or arteries, more commonly known as your blood pressure. A person’s blood pressure is a very important sign of cardiovascular health. It is a vital sign regularly tested and monitored by nurses or other medical staff.

Therefore, simple as it is, the BP cuff is a very important medical device that if not used properly may jeopardize a person’s life…

A blood pressure cuff is designed to be wrapped around the patients’ free arm, at the heart’s level just above the elbow. The cuff will then be inflated, putting pressure on the vessels and arteries. After the cuff reaches its maximum inflation, it will immediately start to deflate. And the return of bloodflow is measured with a special device that measures the pressure of blood against the wall of your artery.

Two numbers are recorded when taking a person’s blood pressure. The first is the systolic blood pressure and the second is the diastolic blood pressure. The result reflects the high and low points of the circulatory cycle. The accuracy of the readings therefore varies mainly on the correctness of application of the BP cuff. Variance on the result may be present especially when the cuff is too small, if the BP cuff was wrapped on top of clothing, or if the cuff is wrapped around the arm below or above the heart level.  It is necessary for the medical staff to use the appropriate size of cuff in their patients to ensure accuracy of results.

Blood pressure cuffs maybe manually inflated and deflated with a bulb which is squeezed by the staff.

There are also blood pressure cuffs that inflate or deflate itself through a built-in mechanical device. The pressure resulting from the BP cuff is then measured by another medical device called the sphygmomanometer which may have a dial output or digital output.

Although BP cuffs are designed to be used by a medical personnel, the patient can easily control his blod pressure with his home monitor. The patient can either use a manual cuff or BP cuff depending on his convenience.

Manual blood pressure cuffs are connected to a pump and are very flexible. The air bladder may have a vinyl or cloth covering and a sensor connected to a gauge that displays the BP reading. Usually the outer covering contains instructions on where to position the cuff. The patient will have to manually squeeze the bulb to inflate the cuff and release it afterwards. Manual cuffs are not recommended to patients with no to less medical knowledge since it is more difficult to use. Automatic cuffs are more commonly used by patients at home since it either run on electricity or battery power and have a digitals screen which displays the results. This has a lower accuracy though.